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sometimes confused with a lightsaber,
the Jedi Counsil denies the claim.
"We promise, these are only used as weapons, not ass toys!" - Jedi Master Yoda
by Wesside January 12, 2005
an expression meaning "take it easy." "Don't sweat the small shit."
Martin: Ey, later homie. Be eazy.
Christian: Be eazy, homes.
by Wesside January 12, 2005
Typically used as a response. Phrase meaning: very well, fine.
Jay: Oh so you his lil brother.
Chris: Yea, foo.
Jay: Iight den. You wanna get high?
by Wesside January 12, 2005
the absolute craziest. the most crazy.
Stay away from her, that bitch the most kraziest of them all.
by Wesside January 12, 2005
a derogatory term that southside mexican males use to describe other males that don't keep it real, bitch ass motherfuckers.
"You tha leyva!" said Miguel
by Wesside January 12, 2005

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