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Wise-acre is essentially synonymous with the terms jerk and jackass. One defining feature is that a wise-acre enjoys comedy more than anything, and therefore an insult comic or a practical joker would be called wise-acres. It has fallen into disuse recently, but it's still there.
Yeah, Tom's a real wise-acre. He screwed the top of the salt-lid off and when I went to pour it it fell off.
by Wesley Durrance October 16, 2005
A classroom slideshow that educates you through fear. They all have the same narrator and use some kind named Billy as an example, something bad always happens to Billy.
Fifties slide show examples:
And thats why you should never talk to strangers. Because they all have knives. Isn't that right Billy? Billy wouldn't know. His mangled corpse is now being raped by a depraved psychopath, all because he talked to the local ice-cream man. BOO!
by Wesley Durrance September 16, 2005
A gay or metrosexual person from Italy.
Milan is full of fagaccinis.
by Wesley Durrance August 22, 2005
A gay fag. It's a mixture of the two terms, hence fayg.
Jerry: Tom, you're such a fayg.
Tom: Oh yeah? You're the biggest fayg this side of the fayg valley you fayg faygin gay fayg guy. Fayg.
by Wesley Durrance September 16, 2005
A sniglet invented for the sole purpose of rhyming with orange. It means those useless bits of white rind left over after you have peeled an orange.
After peeling an orange, one will usually find some sporange. Door hinge...
by Wesley Durrance September 23, 2005
A word that is rarely used outside of the Drama Club circles in high schools.
Sam: My, 'tis a beautiful day.
Karl: God, what fag.
by Wesley Durrance September 19, 2005
A word used when imitating an Irish-Catholic school teacher priest dude. If you pronounce it as "day-mon" with a faked Irish accent while talking really loudly, it works pretty well.
Possible uses:
What be this daemon-ry?!
Out, daemon child!!
Daemon be gone, Satan has no presence here!!
by Wesley Durrance September 19, 2005

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