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Noun. 1) A person who subscribes to the philosophy of "Be a Part of the Problem". 2) One who recognizes that most institutions (i.e. education, labor, civil services, business , etc.) are inherently flawed and should be brought down by apathy, and flagrant civil disobedience. 3) One who actively encourages civil disobedience and causes as much disruption to the average, regimented life of the typical person. Tends to do so out of principal.
Government school is the real problem, hence a Chaos Agent actively encourages students to be truant.
by Wesjared Blevins February 21, 2007
An extremely clingy female who is more than willing dole out sexual favors for acceptance and affection. Clearly stemming from some sort of daddy issue. Unfortunately, most psych-hos are used and abandoned immediately whereas the cycle starts anew.
"Man, I'd like to get a piece before I ship out."
"Dude, just talk to this one chick, shes a total psych-ho. She'll jump your bones in like five minutes from talking to her."
by Wesjared Blevins January 23, 2007
A PC-bound nerd who spends the majority of his waking hours playing an MMORPG and mistakes accomplishments in the game as an actual accomplishment that means something. Tends to smell faintly of cabbage.
Joe: Yes! I just leveled up after playing this mish for 4 hours! Woot!
Jane: Hey! I just got a job!...........Wootzilla.
by Wesjared Blevins January 23, 2007

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