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Any Huge car from the 70's or 80's that features more problems and rust holes, than actual features. Features may include $15,000 worth of Big Rims and Speakers, in a car that has been ragged out and should have been scrapped for the $50 30 years ago but somehow still is on the road. They may smoke, DO rattle and generally bring down the property values wherever they go. Also they may have aNigger-Rigged big block engine that make less power than the original crappy small block.
If that nigger car parks in front of my house again, I'm calling it in as abandoned.

I'm sorry was I supposed to be impressed that when you slam that nigger car's door the radio comes on for reasons unknown?

My favorite Nigger Car is an early 80's chevy caprice ridin round here that has 24's, A system that shakes the walls, and is totally debadged and now says Cadillac instead. Also the entire roof, hood, and trunk are very rusty and most of the interior doesn't exist
by Wes2880 January 21, 2007

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