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Noun; Another confusing mixture of diseases and insults. Used in a certain fashion umong witty and deliberate teenage's who dont have much else to do apart from drink and criticize "Lepah's" Who think they're top-shit, because their on TV or they wear Champion Clothes or have some Metrosexual haircut...
Orign: A small group of Tasmanian Maniac's were fart-assing around in a maths class and randomly called his friend a "Lepah"... Simple as that.
"Pat, you're a fucking Lepah, i swear!"
"Ian, you's the reptillious dick-cheese!"
by Wes-Ninja-XII February 06, 2005
A noun; To slander or abuse a person who has commited an act of bluder. Commonly accociated with small people who happens to wear clothes with a "Plastic-Gangsta'": Wu-Tang; and other ridiculous "try-hard" People and brands like that. Also, people who have a tendacy to annoy the piss out of any good citizen... yes, that annoying next-door neighbour who stays up till 5 in the goddamn morning playing that Phucj'in Country music shite, and revving their car till it explodes; Also known as "Bogans"
"Man, look at that reptilious cunt, he's hell stinging of that old bloke."
"Yeah, that old guy should smack him one. Fuckin' lepah."
by Wes-Ninja-XII February 06, 2005
Faggots... plus the worst possible brand of clothing ever to hit this worldom.
"Man, Wu-tang is so shite."
"Yeah, haha, i reckon if you lit a match, they'd go up in flames..."
"yeah... thinking what im thinking?"
by Wes-Ninja-XII February 06, 2005

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