1 definition by Wes Taylor

Fucking queers who can't understand that preps and goths, punks, freaks, ect. are the same damn thing! If you have to classify yourself or anyone else then you're as much of a fucking loser as the people in the other group! It's clothes people... drop it. Other than that everyone's exactly the same (stuck up, snooby, while desiring any sort of acceptance) whether you like it or not! Anyways, these days there's no such thing as a real goth or punk because they've all turned into wussy faggots that live by this shit like it's a religion. If you even live by any stanards of these people then you're a faggot! You're all fucking hypocrites so face it and shut the hell up.
All those anti-prep people over there are just penis wrinkles. They're just as bad as the anti-anti-prep people right overt there. I hope they go to hell. Can't we all live in unity? And by that i mean -Can't everyone else just die except for me... and that hot chick over there?-
by Wes Taylor May 15, 2004

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