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Everquest slang for "Wonderful loot" commonly used to refer to a happy event or occurrence.
Woot! That rabid weevil dropped to Bloody Cleavers!
by Wes February 21, 2003
Love .. durrr
I lub joo.


I lub you.
by Wes February 18, 2003
Steve's Love For Us
I Lub Joo Collin!
by Wes February 16, 2003
The shitty part of weed.
"If you would have told me it was shake i would have never smoked it."
by wes January 24, 2005
Sex. Intercourse.
Dude, I would so like to crush her.

Did you crush it?

I'd crush it.
by Wes August 20, 2003
A type of dance.
Mary would you like to do the pimp with me?
by Wes September 16, 2003
A redneck retard
A redneck is a bo. So a redneck retard is a botard.
by Wes March 30, 2004
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