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1. anal sex

2. looking dishoveled, messy, tired, unruly
"I'm trying to stay out of jail so I never get run up in."


"Why did you come to work lookin' all run up in."


"I thought she was cute, but when I got closer she looked all run up in."
by Wes August 20, 2003
Systematic analysis of nature, tends to produce hubris in humans.
After the 17th Century science made men think they were the greatest things in the universe
by Wes July 24, 2003
Logical reasoning to determine nature of reality, basis for all truth including science and the scientific method. All fact and scientific conclusions must square with philosophical reasoning.
That conclusion can't be right because philosophically it is illogical
by wes July 24, 2003
A person who has surpassed the levels of "asshole," "shithead," and "douchebag," but has not yet reached the level of "fucker" or "motherfucker." A cunt cookie is the epitome of a complete ass of society.
"Dude, Trey slipped some raw doodoo in her sweet tea, then she drank it and contracted AIDS. What a cunt cookie."
by Wes April 28, 2005
Everquest slang for "Wonderful loot" commonly used to refer to a happy event or occurrence.
Woot! That rabid weevil dropped to Bloody Cleavers!
by Wes February 21, 2003
Love .. durrr
I lub joo.


I lub you.
by Wes February 18, 2003
Steve's Love For Us
I Lub Joo Collin!
by Wes February 16, 2003

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