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The shaft of a penis. Also another name for a dickhead.
Joe is a real dorkel-hose for going to the prom with a freshman.
by Wes April 21, 2007
familiar term for the male genitals - penis and testicles
'His trousers ripped and his snewins were hanging out'
by Wes February 26, 2005
A word to describe the current place you are residing in; usually implemented when departing.
"Yo Tedo, I'm out of this piece. Holla"
by Wes June 20, 2003
the guy is a pot smoking mushroom popping beer slamming acid dropping chiller
wow the new kid just pulled a guy
by wes March 03, 2005
created by shadowraven and renegad3, a shortened, yet not shorter version of w00t.
i r t3h 1337357 cs play3r w0t w0t
by wes July 15, 2003
A nice pussy.....generally shaved, tight, and hopefully not connected to a nasty slut
That girl had some smackdoo, so me and the boys and I ran a train.....
by Wes November 14, 2004
the word amped spelt wrong by a group of girls who consider it to be "their word" but unfortunatly the group let by a British person cant seem to get a grasp on our ways of spelling and pronouncing words
I'm like so totally amphed! (insert girly laugh here)
by Wes October 14, 2004

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