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Comes from the Gamespy Forums. Basically, just an enhanced version of awesome, meaning more awesome than awesome. Can also be changed from "chainsaw"esome, to anything ending with an "aw" sound, such as Terry Bradshawesome, but none other than chainsawesome are "official" terms.
Tom: "Hey, did you see that new movie?"

Bill: "Yeah, it was chainsawesome!"
by Wes September 08, 2004
The phenomenon that occurs when a man's testicles become sweaty and stick to the side of his leg.
Yo, I've got some mad slankage going on.
by Wes February 03, 2003
A dirty amish bastard!
claping- committing hate crimes against the amish
I'ma kill me a clape
by wes January 06, 2004
"for sure, without a doubt"
"better believe it!"
my man Denis has a lumpy head, fo shizza!

Eoin is a funky lookin nizza, fo shizza, fo sheezy!!!
by Wes September 15, 2003
This is a quick and abrupt step to the left or right that resembles a hop and can be seen in Sean P. Diddy Combs' dance routines.
Matt always has Coles DIDDY STEPPIN on kids on Madden
by Wes February 25, 2005
The act of slapping one in the mouth with a penis after the mouth has been filled with ejaculate.
Randy's leg looks like somebody just gave it a milky slap.
by Wes February 14, 2005
War fought by Western Europe to stop the encroching Muslium Armies of the East, also to regain Spain from the earlier Muslium conquest.
Due to the Attack on the Byzentine Empire the Roman Pope called for a Crusade to help the Eastern Empire defend itself.
by wes July 24, 2003

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