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69 definitions by Wes

A car worthy of being called and not just a little piece of shit that was wound up at the fact 7-8 million times before being released into the American Market.
Muscle Car: 5.7L --- Sounds nice, is nice, is fast, bye bye rice.

Riceburner: 1.6L --- sounds like shit, is shit, is slow, shit i lost.
by Wes August 05, 2003
151 95
The best movie of the 80's. A powerful, raw and poetic masterpiece.
-Raging Bull is the greatest movie of the 80's. Don't you agree Arlo?
-No, I am going to say-- Taxi Driver.
But that came out in 1976.
-Oh, then Evil Dead II.
-You're a dumbass.
-I know. I am about to leave for the Korova Milk Bar, chat later. We're talking good horrorshow.
-Peace out bitch.
by Wes December 10, 2004
77 43
short for Rolls-royce, a type of luxury car, used mostly by pimps as an escortation vehicle, or just to show off to the ladies
That pimped out royce is mine.
by wes April 21, 2003
131 98
Crazy... in hindi aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa
you are paagal...
Tum paagal hai!
by wes March 11, 2005
37 19
Large Scale Military action, either within a nation itself or with one or more other nations. Usually defined as either justifiable and un-justifiable. Considered a necessary evil and maybe even a honorable endeavor
"My History professor said war is just diplomacy carried to the next level"
by Wes July 24, 2003
54 37
Stupid fucking website hosting place with stupid ugly crap.
Fuck Geoshitties!
by Wes September 06, 2003
23 8
A general badass. His own person, his own opinion, is own world. Stems from "Me, not you." And independant
holy **** that meno is pissed
by Wes April 14, 2004
23 9