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Teens who believe everything that MTV tells them to be gospel, and waste their parents' hard-earned money on flimsy band t-shirts, box-framed glasses and other pre-packaged merchandise courtesy of their local Hot Topic store. Not to mention the CD's containing the emo music, which is a waste of money in itself, because by the time these kids are 23 none of it will even matter.
Bands such as Dashboard Confessional have no reason to cry, because you idiots make them rich.

You don't have to listen to shitty music and wear stupid clothes just to be different. We are all different, and a "crowd" is an abstract idea, not a real thing. It's you who label yourself, not other people. Don't spend money and time chasing uniqueness; you were born with it.

Aww hell, nobody listens to Wes. Screw it. Waste your money.
by Wes July 27, 2004
rrrr... sick... strange ...blank ..weird
ya just dont know what to think of this person.... their just "skiddish"
by Wes February 17, 2003

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