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(v) - The act of mackin' ho's. Also can be used as a term to express the intensity of a situation.
Example 1:
Playa 1 - "Damn, you've been running missions on dem girls like a fright train lately!"
Playa 2 - "Yeah, I've been trying to get my Campballin' on".
Playa 1 - "OOOH SHIIIIIIIT, you hard mang; you real hard (no homo)"

Example 2.
Wanksta 1 - "Man, I was grinding the FUCK out of that broad on Saturday. Later that night, I went to her house...and um..well, needless to say, I got my campballin' on. All night long."
by Werdna Llebpmac May 29, 2007
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