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What occurs when you have played Grand Theft Auto for so long, it begins to rewire all previous learning in your brain, causing you to do really stupid shit without thinking. Depending on your level of intelligence, Grand Theft Amnesia can cause you to do anything from running red lights unintentionally to shooting at moving cars with various semi-automatic weapons or jacking cars at gunpoint.
The news recently reported a story of two young men in one of the Southern states who were arrested after being caught shooting at cars on the freeway. When questioned, the boys explained that they had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto and it seemed like a fun thing to try. They were obviously suffering from a bad case of Grand Theft Amnesia.
by Wendy Martin August 19, 2008
A Wendy who is so hot she's like the Terminator.
My God! Did you see Wendenator? She practically killed me with her eyes!
by Wendy Martin October 27, 2008
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