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A word used in place of the correct word or phrase that was said and asked to be repeated because the phrase was either intentionally or not-intentionally said loud enough for the other person to hear.
Melody: :::whispered::: "Why you gotta be such a bitch all the time?"
Desiree: "What did you say?"
Melody: "I like your hair."
Desiree: "Thanks! I just got it cut the other day. I was wondering if you would notice."
by Wen* January 31, 2009
Another word for the Chinese restaurant, The Great wall. Can be used to describe any Chinese restaurant that serves Lo mein noodles.
Rachel: "Hey, heff what are you doing? Do you wanna go to long noodle with me? I'm starving!"
Wendy: "Yeah, me too! Lemme get my shit together."
by Wen* January 31, 2009
Another word for marijuana.
Shane: "Hey man, I'm so bored. You go any tree?"
Alex: "No. But I can call my dude and he will give us the hooook uuuup!!"
Shane: "Sweet."
by Wen* January 31, 2009
A term used to describe sexual acts taking place anywhere in California.
I decided to take my vacation to California when my buddy Jack told me it would be so easy for me to get in on some of that hot Californication they got going on over there.
by Wen* January 31, 2009
A word used to express the period of time between meeting someone and then not seeing them again for a few years.
Hey, man! How have you been? Damn, I haven't seen you since Nam!
by Wen* January 31, 2009
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