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1 definition by Welshgirl13

As in Cornwall, there is traditionally an oggie (also spelled oggy) made in Wales. The Welsh oggie comprises a pastry shell containing Welsh beef, leeks, potato, onions & gravy.

Traditionally the crust of the oggie was designed for miners to hold whilst eating the pasty. This crust would take all the coal, dust, grime and arsenic sometimes found on the fingers of the miners ensuring the remainder of the pasty was edible. According to folklore this dirty crust was discarded over the shoulder into the depths of the mine to the cry of “OGGIE!” in an attempt to placate the evil spirits which were thought to inhabit the mines. (Info taken from: the website of The Welsh Oggie Company)
I'm having an oggie for lunch today.
by Welshgirl13 February 25, 2013
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