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Corianne is an extremely attractive Woman. You'll find that your mesmerized by her smile and stunned by her amazing bod. Corianne will always have plump and vulpotous breasts, that you can never touch because Corianne will probably always be dating the hottest and coolest guy in school. You'll also notic that you can't keep your eyes off her badonka donk, thats because it's Corianne and her butt always look perky and big. Now let's get started on her eyes, Corianne has the most beautiful green blue eyes, framed with dark eyelashes, when your talking to her you won't be abl to keep you eyes off them. Corianne always have long perfect hair, thats soft, and silky. It's usually naturally curly, and is a dark color. Corianne dosnt treat her beauty badly, she's nice to everyone, and is willing to love anyone for who they are. She's always smiling and laughing. With her plump pink lips. She's downearth, she's sexy, she's passionate about all things. She a Goddess...
Corianne is so beautiful
I wish I was dating Corianne
Why can't I be more like Corianne?
by Welovetobehip March 13, 2012
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