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1 definition by Wellington Tufts

A little slice of perfection surrounded by a big iron and brick fence. The student body's motto is "work hard all week, and play hard all weekend."
The Ivy Leauge school of the southeast.

BSC: Birmingham-Southern College is a 4-year, private liberal arts college in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Founded in 1856.Birmingham-Southern is in the top tier of National Liberal Arts Colleges in U.S. News & World Report America's Best Colleges 2005, the highest tier a liberal arts college can attain in the annual rankings, and is the highest ranked liberal arts college in Alabama.

Guy 1: I hate that smart, rich, arrogant and preppy pre-med loser that goes to BSC.

Guy 2: What do you do?

Guy 1: I am a cattle neutering major at Auburn.
by Wellington Tufts October 25, 2007
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