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A town west of boston. Yes, we're rich, but no one is in-your-face about it. Well, yes, some people are, but they don't have friends if money is all they can talk about. It's just a rich suburb of Boston, a rich city. And if you want snobs, go next door to Weston.

There might be the highest % of eating disorders in the country there, though. Apearance is very important, so many girls show up in $500 outfits every day at school.

Overall, though, a lot of people live there for the schools, and we DO have affordable housing. Everyone is really nice and unpredjudiced, just priveledged.
(little girl, maybe 8, goes by in sevens and on a cell phone, holding hands whith an ordinary looking girl)

"Wow, you guys nust be from wellesley."
by Wellesley resident June 26, 2007

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