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An All-American male with so much confidence he never gives your corpse a second thought as he flys on past. Nowadays used either in the physical or emotional sense.

Now more often associated with sports car driving habits - but originally it meant top gun type, fighter pilots. Originally it was a reference to how fighter jet afterburners looked like flaming (circular) assholes when they flew past targets and the type of personality that flew those planes. Moving too fast and having too much fun to care about the victims left behind.
Tom Cruise may never have been a real Top Gun pilot but he sure has most of the flaming asshole personality quirks that define such flyers.
by Well-Duh May 26, 2009
A nymphomaniac. A woman who loves sex so much that her cunt is almost always red and swollen. The snapper part of the expression referring to how tight and eagerly her cunt seems to snap shut on cock. Also in part a fisherman's pun in that red snapper fish do not let go of the bait easily even after being hauled aboard the fishing boat (in this case the worm is a cock). Red snapper is also a tasty fish dish.... Thus again referencing very agressive nymphomaniac behavior.
I found me a red snapper at the bar last Friday night and I am so sore now. I barely got rid of her before going to work Monday.

A famous early 1980s Ron Jeremy porn flick is about the "legend of the red snapper".
by well-duh May 24, 2009
The political idea held by many radicals within organizations like PETA and Green Peace that we need to work for the end of the human race. The steady attrition of humanity. The world returns to a state of nature, the balance returns.
Typical elements of the Extinctionism agenda include regulated family size, maximum birth control, maximum abortion; easy access to painless death for all who want out and veganism in the meantime. Paradise is achieved. No more human dreams. No more art or poetry. No faith, hope or love, just an environmental laboratory without scientists.
by well-duh September 08, 2008

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