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General term for the deposition of faecal matter deposited on or around the hair on ya bum. Similar to dewberry but runnier in form. Often reffered to as the masculine version of quimmets
by Weezhard January 31, 2003
Under the influence of intoxicating substances to the point of being out of control.
God I was so guttered last night.
He is so guttered he couldn't get it up.
by Weezhard January 31, 2003
Slang and derogatory term used for a person of diminished intellect.
You clegnut, yes it IS raining outside !
by Weezhard January 31, 2003
Small amounts of faecal matter left clinging to hair around your bum. Often used a derogatory term for someone stupid.
Oh god - i got dewberries again.
You dewberry - obviously GateCrasher kick ass :)
by Weezhard January 31, 2003

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