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2 definitions by Weezer Ohio

An NFL quarterback who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals and has potential to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in history. His ACL and MCL were torn on his first ever pass attempt in the playoffs. He will be back sometime in 2006 to kick the Steelers' asses.
{empty set} > Carson Palmer > Peyton Manning > Tom Brady > Michael Vick
by Weezer Ohio April 08, 2006
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(sihn troe LEE shun) n. -pl. centroletions- The act of deleting text by setting the type cursor near the center of the material to be deleted and tapping the "Backspace" and "Delete" keys simultaneously and repetitively until that material is deleted. It is quicker than just tapping the "Backspace" key or the "Delete" key, and it is more controlled than holding down either of those keys.
other forms:
n. centroleter
v. tr. centrolete
v past centroleted
ger. centroleting
Monty performed centroletion on some text in his word processor, and then said, "Good idea, Weezer Ohio! You are centro-1337!"
by Weezer Ohio April 15, 2006
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