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2 definitions by Ween75


Having sex with a partner whiel actually trying to commit a murder during the act of sex. The goal is to have your sexual partner dead by use tactics such as shooting, stabbing, knocking them out or having them sustain chest pains that will eventually put your sexual partner under cardiac arrest, which will eventually lead to their death.

The last girl I had sex with actually died because I homicidefucked her.
by Ween75 December 06, 2006
having sex with a partner but trying to create some sort of injury while having sex with them. The goal is to have your sexual partner injured afterwards and have to make some sort of pain must be afflicted. Any type of scratching, hitting, biting, punching, slapping, kicking or stabbing will do.
I got so mad at my girlfriend last night that I injurefucked her so hard that she couldn't go to work the next day.
by Ween75 November 16, 2006