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1 definition by Weedy McBongsmoke

pronounced dino (as in dinosaur) - and whore (as in whore, slut etc...)

when i was faced with the question, "what do you call someone older than a cougar??" i brilliantly came up with dinowhore... its an old ass woman who is still at the bar picking up young drunk men in her 60's, 70's and 80's... they are a rare bread but they do exist... they are a lot more sly then cougars... they lure their prey with cookies and warm milk.
"Dude!!! Look at that dinowhore over there!!! i wonder if the drapes match the carpet????"

"Hey... i think that dinowhore's teeth just fell out on the dance floor...."

i am trying not to be mean to old people... but it is kinda funny...
by Weedy McBongsmoke December 03, 2010