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4 definitions by Wee Ph1l

Something that is especially ghetto. Can usually be applied all things low rent or tacky
Did you see those rims they were niggerant!!
That bitch has 5 kids by different daddys she's one niggerant ho
by Wee Ph1l September 06, 2005
69 19
1.To burp and blow into the face of a unsuspecting friend.
2. A covert manner of sharing Garlic
I Stink whistled Gary he nearly puked...
by Wee Ph1l September 01, 2005
56 10
Often heard on the CB between Truckers. If a driver has passed them and left a turn signal on, they will call up and tell them they are running out of "Blinker Fluid"
Hey that Bull Hauler that just passed the FreightShaker in the hammer, your gonna run outta Blinker Fluid.
by Wee Ph1l March 13, 2006
95 55
The now PC term for Dwarf. A metro friendly definition for little people.. Please do not pick up a little person as they do not like it.
Mini Me of the famed Austin Powers Movies is in fact a midgelet.

Cmere ya little Midgelet fucker
by Wee Ph1l April 17, 2006
34 6