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a way of living in which one decides his or her actions based on the belief that "you only live once," and therefore make rash decisions that would normally be contemplated in a more logical and reasonable manner.
A:"Don't smoke that, you could get in trouble."
B:"Please, I live that YOLO lifestyle."
#yolo #yolo lifestyle #you only live once #way of living #yoloer
by wedge antilles July 11, 2012
The insult that is the end-all to any argument. It is the only possible comeback to the expression, "Your face!" His name must be yelled at maximum volume for full effect.
A: "You know, you're a real douchebag."
A: "Well...shit, I've got nothing."
#tom harkin #senator #insults #your face #yell #awesome
by Wedge Antilles June 12, 2008
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