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2 definitions by Weasley Is Our King

Famous for playing Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Most people only like her because she's pretty, but really she does a horrible job portraying Hermione. Hermione is supposed to be a smart, clever girl, but Watson's Hermione is a prissy old snob. Also, the directors don't seem to know the difference between bushy hair and curly hair.
She now models for Murberry and has become a huge diva with a gigantic ego.

She also acts with her eyebrows, which is extremely annoying.
emma watson wannabe: omg i just luvv emma watson so much! she's soo pretty i wish i looked like her
by Weasley Is Our King March 18, 2010
One man band made up of a loner who sings songs about rainbows, fireflies, and the joy of picking apples. The man is a total wuss; in one song he mentions how his backbone is paper thin. Wow, what a turn on.
Dumbass 13 year old girl: "zomg hv u hrd the song fireflysss? its soooo sweet"

Me: owl city's gay man, go listen to some real music
by Weasley Is Our King March 18, 2010