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The regret felt of having clipped one's fingernails shortly before needing them to peel, scratch, or pick at something.
I can't peel this tape off for the life of me. It figures that I have to do this ten minutes after clipping my nails. Boy, do I miss them. I hate this nailstolgia.
by WearyNomad November 27, 2012
A curious lapse in brain activity causing someone to consider the spelling of a word they've spelled many times.
I wrote "milk," but it doesn't look right. Or maybe it is right. I can't remember if it's M-I-L-C-K. Should there be another vowel? I could've sworn there was a triangle in the middle. Boy talk about having a Funglemache at the worst time!
by WearyNomad November 20, 2012

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