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The act of sexual intercourse.
I could do with a good bonk.

It's bonking time.
by Wez May 03, 2004
1. Someone who lives in 'town' and has adopted every mental and social flaw associated with overcrowded living conditions.
2. People who try to constantly start fights to show how hard they are - this is actually a huge irony as they're cowardly bastards that will run away unless their group of 'geezers' outnumbers yours at least 10 to 1.
3. People who drive XR3i's, or escorts with a stolen XR3i logo superglued onto the back.
4. People who work in factories because they are stupid, and they need to earn a lot of money doing a shit job to finance their Helly Hansen wardrobe and other various 'mush' outfits.
5. Retards beyond redemption that -hate- free thinking people who don't read The Sun newspaper.
Ah fuck, cross the road there's a horde of knuckledragging townies walking this way.

You can't go out for a pint these days without some townie prick starting a fight.

I used to like this girl until I realised that she's a fucking dozy townie slapper.
by Wez May 03, 2004
A term used when a simple task cannot be performed due to the person showing off. Derives from 'fucked it up whilst showing off'.
When a person has to hit a ball, but attempts to do it in an amusing/fancy way and misses. His opponent shouts 'You shucked it'
by wez May 08, 2003
Rob's nickname, which he is frequently called in Digi. Electronics.
by WeZ April 25, 2004
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