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Something you say when you are intentionally lying to someone, and they don't realize that you are joking. For instance, if you are making up a story about something that person did while drunk or high, if they legitimately believe you and you want them to know that you are kidding, you can say Eat my poop
Me: "Hey man, remember that time you were so blazed that we got you to drink your own piss"
Sejat: "Oh yeah, I think I sort of remember that"
Me: "Eat my poop"
Sejat "Oh fuck you"
by WeAreReunited January 30, 2014
Meaning something that makes you feel warm on the inside. Its similar to cool or awesome, but is more personal. You can refer to someone being warm if they do something that is really shway or makes you happy on a personal level as opposed to just a social one.
"Hey, I really like hanging with you all. Would it be cool if I smoke you guys up?"

"Yeah dude...That would be so warm"

"Thanks man, y'all are pretty warm yourselves"
by WeAreReunited January 30, 2014

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