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A bro who doesn't listen to the rules and fights the power.
Jon: "James, you're being such a Brosa Parks right now, just get to the back of the bus."
by Wazikazi August 08, 2011
When you begin to run faster then you ever have before, so fast that your are faster then the world's quickest horse. As if you were eating the very same oats that the fastest horse was raised eating.
Guy 1: "Dude, look at Dan he's running so fast"
Guy 2: "Yeah bro he's haulin' oats"
by Wazikazi August 08, 2011
To Pull off a 1 vs 6 in search and destroy without camping, noob tubing or using any other noob tactic.
Guy 1: Dude, Chris just killed all 6 players in search and Destroy.
Guy2: All of those kills were legit, Chris is so Straight Ham!
by Wazikazi July 31, 2011

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