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A very hairy vagina that needs a lawn mower to cut. Lazy or natrual women let their hair grow and it becomes a jungle. If she asks you to go down on her makes excuses like your washing your hair or you've lost your tounge. Sometimes you will get hair stuck in your teeth if she has a jungle downstairs. Reccomendations are to wax or shave. I would wax as they deserve to go through pain after putting you through the pain of licking their wig.
"would you like to lick my pussy?" "No I would need a map in that jungle"
"I'm just gonna bash the bishop over this old woman who has a jungle" "you need to see someone mate"
by WayneInzane October 09, 2009
When someone starts shreaking/screaming/grunting during sex or any other activity. If it's similar to Maria Sharapova your known as shreakapova.
"Do you have to be so loud during sex your shreakapova"
"Stop doing shreakapova it's off putting"
"Your grunting is like shreakapova"
by WayneInzane October 12, 2009
A fart is when a guy lets out methane from his ass hole/bum bum hole. You may fart as you do a number 2, just embrace this pleasure.

Guys like to show of infront of their mates when farting. If you've never laughed at a fart your boring and haven't lived. If your farts stink you can loose friends however if they're loud with great sound effects you can be appreciated by other guys especially immature drunk guys.

Ladies usually go to the toilet or the woods to fart, they like to do this to give the impression they don't fart but guys know the truth! Often many women will gather in woods and toilets just to let out their methane.

A mans dream is a good looking, rich women who lets her wind break free wherever they may be. If a guy farts in bed your women might slap you with a wet fish however secretly she loves it.

Fart smells can range from cheesy wotsit crisps to eggs. From a shit farm to flowers.

Sometimes if you produce a wet, sloppy fart you can follow through, talking from experience it's not big or clever. If this happens just ask your mum to be brave and wash them for you, you may need to get your wallet out at this point.

If you have baked beans the following day/night you could enjoy a nice bubble bath. This is so much fun.
"you farted?" "yes it's natrual deal with it"
"you old fart" "I'm not that old nobhead"
"you farted and followed through?" "not sure I'm too scared to check"
"ohhh baby that was a funny loud fart do another one you sexy beast"
by WayneInzane October 09, 2009

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