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Renouned in the gaming world as simply the best Delta Force: Land Warrior player in the world, ever. He is a swedish killing machine who lusts for headshots and shoots any mother f*cker within 1000m, single bullet shots. Feared by all, and opposed by none.

One word..

to* shot <Gl> in the head
to* ended <Gl>'s misery
to* ended Host's misery
to* shot Host in the head
to* shot hz* in the head
to* shot LC^KOH^ in the head
to* shot LC^KOH^ in the head
<Gl> is leaving the game
hz* is leaving the game
LC^KOH^ is leaving the game
Host is leaving the game
by Wayne L December 29, 2004
From Dave Magee, meaning somebody who has the audacity to talk crap.
What's he on about, the stupid sparrowhead.
by Wayne L December 29, 2004
A person who exhibits behaviour not indifferent to a crazed urangutan, or wild boar. From Dave Magee, can be linked with ding to form bompa ding.
That guy just walked in that dog turd, what a bompa.
by Wayne L December 29, 2004
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