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a mythical place, most canadians aren't even sure it exists cause its so far out there. the only way to get around is by snowmobile, cause the only real road in the whole place is the main street through the capital (population 8000, 4 cars is a traffic jam). most of the people that live her are eskimos or w/e they call themselves now. has lots of islands that are frozen over, some even get real close to the north pole.
nunavut, what's that? it only exists in fairy tales, like humpty dumpty or something.
by Way Up North December 14, 2007
cold area way up north in canada, most people forget it exists. most famous for its diamond mines and all those hick truck drivers who they made a show about on the discovery channel.
northwest territories, huh?
by Way Up North December 14, 2007
where a bunch of gold prospectors live in northern canada. no one else in the rest of the country cares bout em.
yukon is where a bunch of hicks mine for gold.
by Way Up North December 14, 2007

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