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Protest the Hero is a thrash metal/metalcore/post-harcore/punk band from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. They are made up of Rody Walker(vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi(bass, vocals), Luke Hoskin(lead guitar, vocals), Tim Millar(rhythm guitar, vocals) and Moe Carlson(drums). They are a very talented band, judging from the material in their latest release, Kezia. They are not very emo, although it does sound like it sometimes in their music.
Random Poser: This band sucks. It's just a bunch of screaming and junk. Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy are way better.
Me: Poser... Protest the Hero is better than all the bands you listen to. Any GOOD, TALENTED MUSICIAN will tell you that.
by WaxTuna September 22, 2006
The frontman of one of the most famous pop-punk bands in the world. Most musicians and past fans of Green Day will call him the band sellouts. I would agree to some extent, but I still respect them as musicians. I was an American Idiot fan for a short time. He's isn't the best guitarist in the world, in terms of complexity. although most teenage girls and posers will disagree. Married to his wife Adrienne and has 2 children. And though he doesn't give a shit what anyone says, American Idiot just screams "sellout" shit.
And his first guitar was a blue Fender Stratocaster he called "Blue"
Me: Shut up. Seriously, I bet the only Green Day album you know is American Idiot.
Teenage Girl Poser: Sh-shutup :(
by WaxTuna September 22, 2006

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