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Protest the Hero is a thrash metal/metalcore/post-harcore/punk band from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. They are made up of Rody Walker(vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi(bass, vocals), Luke Hoskin(lead guitar, vocals), Tim Millar(rhythm guitar, vocals) and Moe Carlson(drums). They are a very talented band, judging from the material in their latest release, Kezia. They are not very emo, although it does sound like it sometimes in their music.
Random Poser: This band sucks. It's just a bunch of screaming and junk. Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy are way better.
Me: Poser... Protest the Hero is better than all the bands you listen to. Any GOOD, TALENTED MUSICIAN will tell you that.
#whitby #canada #thrash #metal #protest #kezia
by WaxTuna September 22, 2006
The frontman of one of the most famous pop-punk bands in the world. Most musicians and past fans of Green Day will call him the band sellouts. I would agree to some extent, but I still respect them as musicians. I was an American Idiot fan for a short time. He's isn't the best guitarist in the world, in terms of complexity. although most teenage girls and posers will disagree. Married to his wife Adrienne and has 2 children. And though he doesn't give a shit what anyone says, American Idiot just screams "sellout" shit.
And his first guitar was a blue Fender Stratocaster he called "Blue"
Me: Shut up. Seriously, I bet the only Green Day album you know is American Idiot.
Teenage Girl Poser: Sh-shutup :(
#green #day #tre #cool #mike #dirnt #pop #music
by WaxTuna September 22, 2006
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