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Black african who kicks a ball at 100mph when hes 2 feet away from the goal!
Mafucka mon! Da pussy stink mon!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
Aka husrus..a muslim gangsta who likes to steal friends videos and 3d stickers and books
Wax goes into toilet and comes back to his room to find his tony adams 3d sticker removed from his football album
by WaxE March 26, 2003
One who is black and spends his social life in the streets of whitechapel talkin bout football outside the post offce
Mmay like arsenal mon! Mmay know everting mon!!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
The male willy!
I put my zub in...and then..........aaaaaahh!!! 2 second cum!!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
A hairy Lebanese teenager who has an equal amount of hair to a bear!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
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