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Preps are people who go to preparatory school, as most of the defintions say.
But a prep, in another definition, is someone who wears Hollister, Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, and the occasional American Eagle. I mean, most of American Eagles' clothes are butt-frickin-ugly right?
First of all is the clothes. I already went over that.
Second is the hair. If the gurls wear their hair in pony tails with "cute little bows", scrunch their hair, or wear it in pig tails, and dye their hair blond, theyre probably preps. If the guys wear theyre hair the same exact way every day and have short hair or long straight hair, theyre probably a prep.
Third is the attitude, if the gurls act all nice to their friends, talk about them behind their backs ALL THE TIME, dont laugh at jokes made by other groups/subcultures, theyre preps. If the guys talk to you because they have no one else to talk to(no matter how much of a loser you are), if they talk about sports and nasty things, theyre most definatly preps.
Fouth is their two-face-..edness. If, when the suspected gurl is not with her friends and isnt acting like a dumb blond, shell be really nice to you and pretend she didnt make rumors about you, shes probably a prep. If the guys talk to you and theyre being their true selves (kind of nerdy, not perverted, and just carefree) theyre preps.
Fifth is the music. If theyve never heard of ATL, TDG, or WTK, and only have songs theyve heard on the radio, theyre preps.
Gurl Prep: OMGOSH! Lik, did you hear tht new Three Days Grace song, Riot? I lik, totally heart it. Im so hardxcore now and im a total TDG fan now! My mom thinks im emo now cuz it makes me want to take off my fake nails and stop acting lik a dumb blond, & im lik "gosh mommy, mayb i wna stand out!"

Scene kid: stupid prep. everyone has that frickin song. it was on the radio last week. I bet she woulda neva evn herd of the band if it wuznt on da radio last week lik 8 times. I cnt believe she thinks shes hardxcore and standin out wen lik 8 trillion ppl have tht song on their ipod.
by WatermelonWreaksYourSpiritK? June 08, 2010

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