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The sexual act of thrusting objects in and out of a ladies Front Bottom or rusty bullet hole or the aforemantioned of a man. Can be a act of self particpation or shared with a partner of group.
Michael was keen to experiment in the bedroom department. Jane too. Although the act of pumping will not be revisited after Jane returned the compliment.
by WaterBoy June 19, 2006
A player for Fulham Football Club. Named after the stadium in which they play, Craven Cottage. In turn called Craven Cottage becuase there is a cottage in the corner used as offices and dressing rooms. Nothing to do with the activities in the public toilets in Bishops Park
This is a must win game for the cottagers if they are to stave off relegation.
by WaterBoy June 19, 2006
A person generally an adolescent from Crowland. A small town on the A1073 between Peterborough and Spalding. You know when you have arrived when you pass the roadshgn which reads "Welcome to Crowland, South Holland" and underneath it says "arsehole of the fens"
A place with high incest and mental illness rates. Mongs usually congregate on a bench outside the Trinity Bridge drinking alcopops and smoking Lambert and Butlers. Very unlikely to move on in life or leave the town. Usualle educated at 'Guthies' the local school which also has a high number of pregnant pupils and a high staff turnover. Those that learn to drive may experience other towns in East Anglia and increase their prospects.
The Bridge is of great historical and architectural interest less so the Crowland Mongs who hang around it.
by WaterBoy June 20, 2006
A word, when said in an airport draws increased security attention.
When my friend told the baggage screener that her new computer was the bomb, she was thoroughly searched.
by WaterBoy May 04, 2005
A mixture of jizz and piss when a guy masturbates hard but not hard enough to squirt, and he drinks a lot of water, so he needs to go to the bathroom.
When one masturbates, one must jizz, or else he will have a bad case case of pizz.
by waterboy August 15, 2012
Enema. Called this due to the aftermath rather resembling the above drink.
"Poor old Ethel. She was so bunged up the nurse had to suffer two bum shandy's 'till she was clear.
by WaterBoy June 19, 2006

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