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A scenester is someone that decides to dress according to what they think is original, but is only what a genre of music, mainly techno and punk rock, put out as the norm.

How to tell a scenester if you ever are in doubt:
-Must have a fully edited myspace, often with hearts or music backgrounds.
-Mentions robots, indie bands, techno bands, any other band name that they listen to no matter how obscure, and expect you to know what they are on about.
-Proclaims to the world when they get drunk because they think it makes themselves appear cooler.
-Very condescending towards others.
-Takes photos of self in mirror, in sunnies, in bikinis, from above, of boobs, of self doing things that are illegal.
-Uses pointless slang words like chu, fk, cnt, yu, r, wht, shu, hru, srs.
-Always talks themselves up, saying they get hit on all the time.
-Uses a computer program to edit photos to add hearts and other useless shit to them.
-Desperately wants the world to give them attention, whilst still remaining hated by everyone.
Man 1: Shit, is that Liz.V i see over there in the distance?
Man 2: Doesnt look like it, just some scenester poser with no life taking photos of herself.
Man 1: Yeah thats what i meant.
by Watchfull Eye April 29, 2009

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