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Dollor Sign

1. Resembles money
2. Found on fine jewelry: Bling or ice
3. A mark placed before a number to indicate that it stands for dollars $ (US and/or Canada)
4. Symbol found over the "4" on a keyboard (not number pad) and can be obtained by pressing the "Shift" key and the number "4" key simotainiously.
5. Commonly used with various other symbols to censor curse words.
6. Used in encrypting and encoding.
7. Used in place of the letter "S"
"I just got some $$$ today"
"That cost a shitload of $$$"
"$1.50 for bottled water?!?"
"F$%# You!!"
#$ #$$ #$$$ #money #bling #ice #dollor
by WatchYourTaco March 23, 2006
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