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The common name given to Samara Morgan from "The Ring", the American remake of the Japanese film/novel "Ringu." People call her this when they can't remember her name, which is stupid because the very people who call her that then proceed to say: "Oh, she is sooo scary! I love her! I didn't get ANY sleep after that movie!" If she had really had that effect on them, then how come they couldn't remember her name?

(Variations include "that girl from The Ring," "Sahara," "the Grudge girl," and "Sadako.")
-at a cosplay convention-

Random Person: Oh, hey! You're, uhh... the Ring girl, right?
Samara Cosplayer: Yeah...
Random Person: Oh, I loved that movie! What was her name again?
Samara Cosplayer: ... you don't know?
Random Person: No. Do you?
Samara Cosplayer: ... Yeah, it's Samara...
Random Person: Samara! Yeah! That's right! And she crawled through the TV and... *walks away*
Samara Cosplayer: ...
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai October 30, 2009
Americans, usually caucasian teenage females, who have an unhealthy obsession towards anime, manga, and/or the Japanese culture in general. Not to be confused with otaku.

The main differences between the Wapanese and the otaku are as follows:

WAPANESE: Only know a few Japanese words like "kawaii" and "desu" but somehow think that means they're fluent
OTAKU: Study the Japanese language (if they even involve themselves with the language at all) and actually know a few useful Japanese words and phrases. (e.g. "Where is the bathroom," "Help me," "Food.")

WAPANESE: Watch anime and read manga almost exclusively, only deviating from this trend about once a month, or maybe more if they have school books to read.
OTAKU: Watch anime and read manga moreso that an average person, but still read and watch American literature/TV.

WAPANESE: Insist that they are budding "mangaka"s, even though they usually have no artistic talent whatsoever.
OTAKU: Don't usually draw manga, but the ones who do, do so because they are artistic anyway.

WAPANESE: Answer to a Japanese or Japanese-sounding name that sounds nothing like their real name.
OTAKU: Answer to their real name.
Wapanese girl: KYAA! That neko keychain is soooo kawaii! I want one-desu! I'm going to give one to my manga character Makiko!
Otaku: ...okay, um, thanks, but -
Wapanese girl: *bows* Konnichiwa! I'm Hikaru!
Otaku: Is that really your name?
Wapanese girl: My parents call me Heather, but Hikaru's soooo much prettier, don't you think?!
Otaku: *backs away slowly*
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai December 30, 2009
A word commonly used in place of the word "fathom" by people who either don't know the difference or are simply ignorant. It is not the correct use of the word, as a phantom is a ghost and a fathom is a measure of nautical miles (so it is used as a verb when you cannot comprehend or "get to the bottom of" something); "phantom" is a noun, not a verb.
Dude1: Did you hear? Lindsay totally stood Quentin up yesterday!
Dude2: Really? Aw, I just can't phantom how someone could do that!
Dude1: Uh.... you mean fathom?
Dude2: What?
Dude1: *facepalm*
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai January 15, 2010
A poorly-thought-out short version of the word "Original." Not to be confused with Orajel.
dude u liek HAVE 2 c dis vid its ttly teh orgel version of teh Kanye and Taylor thing!!!!1!!!!!!!1
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai January 09, 2010
Floppie the Banjo Clown is a fictional character introduced in one of the Blue Man Group's tours. Floppie is supposedly the reason for the popular rock'n'roll hand gesture in which the index and pinky finger are extended (his hair was supposedly shaped like a hand in this position).
-at a rock concert-

Person 1: *makes hand gesture*
Person 2: Payin' a tribute to Floppie the Banjo Clown?
Person 1: Yup!
by Watashi wo Korosu Kudasai October 31, 2009
A word used to describe a huge fan of The Ring, The Ring TwO, Ringu, etc. See also Ringworm.
Person 1: Wow, you sure have a lot of Samara posters...
Person 2: Yeah, I'm a total Ringer!
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai October 30, 2009

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