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An alternate word for chav speak or 'txt' speak. Interchangeble with the word fuckwit, in the context of chav speak.
Chav : Oi m8, wot u lukin' at lyk?
Human : I'm sorry, I don't speak cuntish. Can you repeat that in English for me?
by Watanabe Shinchi October 31, 2006
Put simply, a montage of munters. It is an expression that is commonly used to describe the montage-style pictures created by chavs for use on sites like faceparty, bebo and the likes.
Bloody hell, mate, that's one hell of a muntage there!
by Watanabe Shinchi October 31, 2006
A derogatory term used when the individual words whore and scum are insufficient. A variant on the word whoreslag.

This reference, unlike whoreslag, has it's origins confirmed in a certain anti-chav site.

It has more of an edge than the word whoreslag because of it's use of the word scum.
Shut up, whorescum, you're no-one to talk!
by Watanabe Shinchi October 24, 2006
A derogatory term used when the individual words whore and slag are insufficient.

It originated somewhere in England, in reference to the chav subculture, though it can be applied to any promiscuous, unladylike female.
Who do you think you are to talk to me like that, whoreslag?
by Watanabe Shinchi October 24, 2006
Originated on behalf of a certain anti-chav site, used to describe the odd relationship apparently inbred chavs have with other (female) members of their family.

Like it's male counterpart bruncledad, it derives from sister, aunty, and mum, with those terms being the female form of the words that make up the term bruncledad.

Again, with this defenition, no-one has been able to figure out how it is possible for a single female relative to be all of these things at the same time to the same person.

Whether or not this will become a suitably humourous counterpart to the word bruncledad is yet to be decided.

It is also worth noting that the word sounds a lot like chrysanthemum.
He's just received his first giro. His sisauntymum must be so proud.
by Watanabe Shinchi October 23, 2006

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