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A very small town claiming to welcome everyone and be tolerant of other cultures. LOL right.

Anacortes has incredibly rampant drug problems (including THREE meth houses steps from the high school), a horrible police force, and their high school makes a prison more desirable to be at everyday (i think I would rather be raped by Bubba than listen to the principal try to mediate issues).

If you are gay, nonwhite, of a different religion than Christianity, or not an athlete, you WILL be ostracized. There's nothing but white kids who think they are from a big city. Anacortes, and its residents, try to either convert you to Christianity or to the Republican side. You WILL be bullied if you get good grades or are different within this town. Oh, and cheating by valedictorians is sanctioned so they can say they have academic role models....few and far between. Oh, and these valedictorians (class of 2010) plagiarized their speech (you thought no one would realize that, right?).

All in all, this religious town is a shithole with absolutely NO appreciation for diversity.
by WastedFourYears2010 January 16, 2011

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