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Whenever anything outclasses its rivals beyond description it will be known to have been Usained.

Past tense: When anything has crushed its competition then it is said ‘to have Usained'

Present Tense: If anything is currently smashing its opposition it is 'Usaining it'

Future Tense:
Similarly if something is without a doubt going to outshine its opposition it will 'Usain it'.
Your mum's Rice is nice but my mum's Usained yours.
by Wastecredit manager August 17, 2009
BMT is an abbreviation for Black Man's Timing allows for an African/Caribbean to arrive later to a destination than was previously agreeed. This time could be either of the following; fifteen minutes or an hour.

Any time after this is just plain late.
Ahanna: What time are we meeting on Friday?

Johnny: 7 pm, but for you i'll take into account BMT so make that 6pm.
by Wastecredit manager July 26, 2009
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