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Primarily Arabic religion teaching peace, love, and dedication to the one True God--Allah. The prophet Muhammad was given the direct word of Allah by the angel Gabriel, where it was taken down verbatim and has remained unchanged since. Their holy book, the Qu'ran, names several miracles performed by Muhammad by permission of Allah, as well as several scientific truths proved only recently by modern technology--the borders of saline and freshwater, the shape of a microscopic embryo in development, the concept that the earth and heavens were one united 'dust' before they were separated (as in the Big Bang Theory). Right-wing Christians have corrupted the security Muslims share in their faith into an image of terrorism and evil, although the true meaning behind the faith is of peace and acceptance, as they take Christians and Jews as fellow followers of the Book--misguided, but still devout to the same God.
The advent of Islam in the 6th century came as the Bible became corrupted and Allah sent His final prophet.
by Wasser_Spiegel June 18, 2005
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