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New Albany:  New ALbany is one big suberb. Although the people living there are called "preppy","snobs", and an entire selection that I won't even go into, they can be considered "nice". Only about 10% of kids living there are preppy or snobs. The rest of them are very nice people who once you get to know them they probably are preppy and snob-ish. But once you get past all the sterotypes and name calling. I bet about 70% are not what they seem and truly nice kids and teenagers. So next time you pass through New Albany don't treat it like the poop stain on the underwear of society. Treat it with respect and then paint the horrid white fences a different color. No don't do that, just go to city hall and complain about them.
Bob: Lets go to New Albany!
Jim: No they're mean!
Sammy:No their not! You see New ALbany is one big suberb..........
by Wasn'tMe January 17, 2008

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