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On internet forums, post count is obviously the counter that tells a person how many posts they've made. Many users tend to be smug as fuck off their post count, and act shitty towards others with lower posts, even if the guy with the lower posts has been around longer. People with astronomically high post counts tend to think they're part of the staff.
Look at the post count of this obnoxious fuckface... He made 33,000 posts since registering 6 months ago. What a fatass loser.
by Wasabimoto September 20, 2010
A system due to be released in 2010 or 2011.
Bound to cost over 9000 dollars upon release.

Said to include the following:

Over 9000 GB.
Satellite T.V.
Hologram movie format
Classic DVD/Blue-Ray/HD-DVD formats
Phone service
DVR capabilities
Virtual Console
Music receiver
Mini refridgerator
Nuclear Powered
Home security system
...more to be specified.

The bundle pak is said to contain a new Tennis game and a war game. Most likely Call of Duty 5 or 6.
Oh, yeah. Can't wait to record Golden Girls with my ballin'-ass Playstation 4!
by Wasabimoto June 14, 2008
A sex act that two or three people do while having sex. One person lays down flat on their back, while the second person cums on the first person's face. After ejaculating on the face, the second person sits on the face. This causes the spooge to smear all over his/her buttcrack, buttcheeks, or butthole. afterwards, he/she continues to pleasure the first person to finish the job.
Guy 1: "Holy fuck! You gave her the Liquid Seat last night after prom? That's disgusting!"

Guy 2: "Yep, but it felt good once she started licking my asshole once I sat on her face."
by Wasabimoto April 19, 2007
When you make a silent fart, sometimes, there will be a lingering smell. It will not go away quickly like a normal fart. It can smell like gas from the stove or it can smell like popcorn. Smells like it would be dangerous to light a match.

Is possible to occur after a loud, audible fart.
Oh, goddamn! Whoever farted released some gas-smelling ass fumes...
by Wasabimoto June 18, 2008
The coolest way to see someone die, whether it's in a movie, or in real life. Dismemberment is when you seperate the body into pieces. There are many ways to dismember somebody. You can blow, chop, cut, slice, rip, dice the body into pieces.
Blowing off a soldier's arm with a grenade is a way of dismemberment.
by Wasabimoto April 28, 2007
A truely superior being who lives, breathes, eats, pisses and shits wasabi. Their veins run with wasabi. They use wasabi as lubricant on their condoms. Wasabi Masters are able to do wasabi-type attacks, such as Wasabi Wind Attack, which blows wasabi, in the form of gas, into the faces of weaklings who cannot handle wasabi and it's incredible power.
Steve-O would've been on his way to achieving "Wasabi Master" status, if he didn't throw up after snorting some of that green shit.
by Wasabimoto March 25, 2010
1.Another name for a female Golduck, a pokemon.

2.A queef.
1. Hey, no more pussy quacks, I don't want any air going up my dick.

2. Yes! I just caught a Golduck!!! I think I'll name it Pussy Quack!!!!
by Wasabimoto March 28, 2007
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