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When you believe in more the one god; The act of believing in many gods; The antonym for Monotheistic.
Polytheistic: The Greeks believed in more than one god. In fact, they believed in over 20 gods. A god of the Sea (Poseidon), a god of war, wisdom and skill (Athena), a god of love (Eros), and a god of thunder (Zeus), who was the main god. There was also a god of the Underworld (Hades).
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by Wasabimoto April 12, 2007
Restrooms you do NOT want to shit in. Public restrooms are usually plagued with:

-Unflushed toilets with piles of toilet paper, piss and shit. Flushing is impossible.


-Skeet on toilets or other places.

In public schools, restrooms are even worse, where they include all the above, plus:

-Stalls with no doors or doors with no locks.

-Damp paper towels stuck to the wall and floor.



-Assholes who will fuck around with you as you take a shit.

-School books and stolen backpacks in toilets.
1) As I walked into my school's public bathroom, I discovered shit in the sink, and some asshole decided to restock the toilet paper dispencer with used, shitty t.p.

2) The toilets in the public restroom were so powerful, I managed to flush a jacket without clog.
#nasty #piss #shit #school #unsanitary #diseased
by Wasabimoto August 24, 2010
Games that are played during a party or any kind of gathering that usually involves daring others into doing something embarrassing or sexual. Game variants include:

Truth or Dare: You all know this one.

Chance Draw: Jot down dozens of dares on a sheet of paper and cut them up separately and throw them into a hat or bowl. Each person takes turns picking out a random dare and they must adhere to that dare.
*If your friends are lame, they will not perform any sexual or risque dares.
** If your friends are extra lame, they will not perform any sexual dares, even though they're the ones that created the dares to be thrown in the hat.
***If your friends are normal, they will not perform a gay dare, such as kissing your best male friend. However, since males are hypocritical when it comes to sexuality, we'd love to see some girl-on-girl action.

Strip Poker: Good ol' Poker, except the person(s) with the lesser hand must remove a piece of clothing.
*Almost always when a female comes to a point where she must remove clothing, she's going to remove something that won't even matter, such as an earring or a sock. Make sure to apply rules regarding small, insignificant items.

All in all, when it comes to playing these, or any other party games that include daring and risque acts, make sure to play with open minded and out-going females. Bring booze to liven things up more.
Dude, call some of those bitches up and see if they can come to the party and play some party games.
#party #game #truth or dare #risque #sex #make-out #strip #drunk #booze
by Wasabimoto May 05, 2010
Robotic Operating Buddy - A gaming peripheral released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom in 1985.
It is able to play a number of NES/Famicom games with a human player. Games include Gyromite and Super Mario Bros. R.O.B.s colors were made to match the colors of the system it was made for.

Although he sucked sacks of smelly shit, he is still remembered today as a secret playable character in Mario Kart DS and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
R.O.B. is a robotic hunk of shit.
#robot #buddy #operator #lover #nes #famicom #shit #fail #shit sack #dookie #smelly #asswind
by Wasabimoto May 15, 2008
1. Something so ugly and or fat, all you can say is "Whaaaat the fuuuck...?"

2. The name of an ugly-ass pokemon, which is the evolution of Rhydon.
1. I was dumbfounded at how Rhyperior that bitch at the party was.

2. Rhyperior is a fucking ugly pokemon.
#ugly #fat #nasty #wtf #pokemon
by Wasabimoto September 02, 2010
Horrible customer service, really. They will not take "NO" for an answer. For example, you try to remove your credit card info from your account, instead, the guy keeps trying to persuade you into buying more shit until you hang up or give in. Fucking assholes.
Me: "See, I can't have my account automatically renew itself because I don't have the dough. And I don't have internet anymore."

Xbox Customer Service: Yeah... well, I completely understand. I mean times are hard and the economy is bad, but see, you get 3 months for 14.99 and 400 Microsoft points free to use at your leisure."

*senario repeats*
#xbox live #customer support #help #money hungry #dickhole #microsoft.
by Wasabimoto November 27, 2010
The heavy metal forum is found on sites such as VampireFreaks, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, GaiaOnline, and other social or music sites. You can expect many Metal Elitists and emo teenagers within these walls.

The emo kids start topics about Bullet For My Valentine or Slipknot and talk about other emo shitty bands. These kids are usually spat on and booted from the mods.
The Elitists tell those kids to fuck off and die. All while talking about their shitty underground black metal bands. Any bands they don't like are considered not metal. Any band with more than 10,000 fans are considered sell-outs and mainstream.
Fights always break out between the two sides, with the Emo usually throwing the "It's my Opinion" and "Freedom of Speech" arguments, and the elitist using the "No, it's a fact that (band) is SHIT" argument.
Typical Metal Forum Scenario

14-Year old in a Recommendation Thread: Check out these bands!
Job for a Cowboy
Bullet for my Valentine
Five Finger Death Punch

Elitist: I'd rather have cancer and AIDS simultaneously than to listen to that shit.
*shitstorm ensues*
#forum #metal #elitist #emo #argue #shitstorm #black metal
by Wasabimoto October 29, 2011
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