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Being so stupid and incompetent that you need to write notes on your hand simply to remember what to say.

From Sarah Palin's need to use notes scribbled on her hand to remind her of the few basic key points of her speech at the Tea Party convention in Nashville, TN.
Jon: I want to propose to Lisa but I don't think I can remember what to say.

Eric: Dude, you're such an idiot. Just use an Alaskan teleprompter and write "Will you marry me?" on your hand.
by Wasabi-Woman February 08, 2010
One who demands respect from everyone yet thinks they are above showing it to others.

Prime example: Kanye West.
Jane: OMG! Did you see what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs? She was awarded "Best Female Video" and during her acceptance speech he waltzes up on stage, takes the mic from her and says that Beyonce's was better. Poor Taylor was nearly in tears!

John: Yeah, that was truly classless. Just shows why he's not the "next king of pop" like he claims but rather the King of Douchebaggery.
by Wasabi-Woman September 14, 2009
From the 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' movie character, Clark Griswold and his overdone Christmas lights display.

Any obscenely over-the-top holiday lights display on someone's home. Often done in an insanely competitive, anti- "peace on Earth, goodwill towards men" desire to outdo and one-up the neighbors.
Jack: Dude, you're late for work again. And you've been looking like hell lately. What's up?

Shawn: I haven't had any sleep in days. My neighbor's Griswoldian Christmas display is so freakin' bright it's been keeping me up all night. AND it's draining so much power it caused a black out in my neighborhood last night, so my alarm clock didn't go off!
by Wasabi-Woman December 07, 2009

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