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1 definition by Was LP Fan

A band that started off with my love and respect, but then lost it when i realised that they were just releasing re-done after re-done single and even re-done albums just to make cash! Honestly, how many times can you listen to one song be re-made? I was a huge fan of Linkin Park - i loved their lyrics - Chesters way of interpretating is amazing, and he is extremly talented - but enough of the re-releasing already - give us something fresh! And also - collaborating with Jay-Z, what were they thinking? The collaborationg with Marilyn Manson and such artists as him were the gold tracks - but Jay-Z - thats disappointing - another money maker!
Linkin Park - OK, now we have done the hard work of establishing this HUGE fan base - lets re-make all of our songs again and again to make some cash and that way we dont have to come up with anything original for a while!
Jay-z - Yo! I'll be in that. What a combination - people will buy this record - H-to-the-Izzo! money, money, money (he says rubbing his hands together)
by Was LP Fan September 10, 2005