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Noun: 1) An item that belongs somewhere or does something but you can't remember where or what it does. 2) A product that has a purpose but is in the wrong spot. 3) A thing that is useful in only one capacity but does not belong in the context.
I found this tooage in the glove box of my car and I know it operates something? (unlocks the spare wheel, removes the roof racks etc.) 2. An item that has to go "to" the correct spot to become useful 3) When you find a needle in a haystack (What the hell is this doing here?)
by Warwick Brett November 07, 2007
noun: 1) When you are not sure or have no knowledge of where it has come from. 2) An out of place or indescribable thing that has appeared from nowhere. 3) Stuff that is leftover after performing an act.
1) The stuff underneath the couch/lounge can only be described as frommage. 2) Some frommage was found at the back of the refrigerator. 3) After eating dinner there was frommage on the floor.
by Warwick Brett November 07, 2007
adjective: 1) To describe something that is surprisingly impressive and stupendous either by it's size, beauty, style, presence etc. and takes your breath away and you let out an audible "FOOF" unintentionally. 2) Anything that is remarkably and unexpectedly good and or is way better than average. 3) Perfection personified, you can't get any better.
1) The acceleration in the car from 0km/h to 100km/h was "foofy". 2) I just watched a movie and it was "foofy". 3) The food I just ate at the restaurant was "foofy".
by Warwick Brett November 07, 2007

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